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Certificate Program

The wholesaler's choice for fulfilling their producers' requests for prospecting leads. Let them know you value them by giving them a certificate that they can redeem for prospecting leads.

Sales Development Sets

Stack of Envelopes

Whether you are new to your industry or a seasoned professional. Integrated Systems has combined the best core types of prospects for your industry. Let us design an individual set for you today. 

When you purchase larger quantities at a reduced cost, you have many options for receiving the leads.

List Distributions



A successful marketing campaign has many facets to it. One thing that all marketing campaigns have in common is that they have a "Targeted Audience". Integrated Systems can assist you in finding your prospective audience.


With your audience in hand, Integrated Systems will build a "Target Marketing List" that you can use in a variety of methods such as calling, mailing, emailing (depending upon the list) or a combination of these.


Need help/ideas for marketing, let Integrated Systems assist you in your endeavors to expand your client database. Our staff has many year of experience and can help to set your campaign on the right track.


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