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Certificate Program

One of the very best ways NOT to waste your time is by letting Integrated Systems handle all of your producers' requests for prospecting leads.


You've been there...another producer calls you up at the worst possible time, nagging you about the leads you promised him two months ago.  Let Integrated Systems handle that.  We've been handling it since 1981.  We know that there are two keys to keeping your producer happy: 1) Personal attention and 2) prompt service.  Let us be your eyes and ears as we interact one-on-one with your producers over the phone -- and in doing so, satisfying their prospecting needs all the more completely and professionally.  This is what the Certificate Program is all about.  Taking part in the Certificate Program is the ideal way to use your valuable budget money on top producers, new producers, managers, and fund/annuity coordinators.  Integrated Systems offers banks of prospecting leads to wholesalers at discounted prices and wholesalers can use their bank towards starting a certificate program.   


The certificate program idea is simple to understand.  We give you professional looking certificates that you hand to your producers when you stop by the office.  Your producer calls Integrated Systems with the telephone number on the certificate.  A qualified and experienced team member guides your producer through a quick and easy process which lets the producer give his input on what his prospecting needs are.  We speak to the producer with your goals in mind.  After the leads are discussed and finalized, an associate will leave a voice mail message for you, the wholesaler, indicating that a producer has redeemed a certificate.  This voice mail not only lets you know that a producer has redeemed your certificate, but also provides security verification as to which certificate was redeemed by whom.  Producers usually receive their prospecting leads within 2-3 business days.  Integrated Systems sees the process of getting leads into your producer's hand from beginning to end.  You need not worry or become involved.  We take care of it.  Time is money.  Don't waste your time.

Here's a sample certificate -- just imagine your name instead of Johnny Wholesaler and your company name instead of Success Investments.  You can also tell us which prospect database you would want us to reference on your certificates, or maybe list a specific fund or program you are marketing in your latest campaign:

These certificates are a great marketing tool.  Hundreds of wholesalers across the nation have been a part of this helpful program, and most wholesalers stick with the program through many years and various marketing campaigns.  We can get some of these certificates into your hands before you go on your next trip into the territory.  We exist to serve you, the wholesaler, and serve you better than anyone else.  Contact Integrated Systems for more information on how you can save your time, and your money.


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