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Consumer/Homeowner File


The Integrated Systems consumer file contains information on more than 200 million households across the United States. The foundation of this file is composed of data from telephone directories. Data from the motor vehicle file is then merged, resulting in unparalleled information on length of residence and auto ownership.


Courthouse data is used to provide valuable information on home ownership and length of residency. National survey information is gathered from more than 30 million households supplying lifestyle, life stage and buying preferences. Additional data is overlaid onto the file from:


  • Birth Records, Voter Registrations, Direct Mail Responders, Internet Data Searches

  • Magazine, Book & Merchandise Buyers, E-Commerce Buyers


Finally, the most recent census data on education, age, housing, income, occupation and ethnic origin is incorporated into the file. After a lengthy update and verification process, you receive a precisely tailored, accurate household list.

New 2023 Email and/or Cell Phones Available on 75% of Records

Search Data Includes:

Age Indicators

Income Indicators

Cell & Home Phones

Purchasing Power

Type of Dwelling

Length of Residence

Automobile Information

Presence of Children

Families with Newborns



Purchase Price of Home

Mortgage Amount   

Date of Record


Rate Type

Loan Type

Credit Cards

Trade Lines


Political Preference


 Religious Affiliation

And Many, Many, More...

*** Available on certain files

Whatever your consumer target market might be, Integrated Systems will help to make the most of your direct marketing budget by providing you with the most accurate, updated list available.

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