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Most Requested Databases

  • Female - Single, Widowed or Divorced:  Age: 35-74, Income: 100K+

  • Affluent Seniors Retirees: Fixed Income Prospects- Age: 65-75 - Income: 60K+

  • Money In Motion/Rollover/Investor Prospect: Age: 55-64- Income: 75K+

  • Consults/Managed Money Prospects: Age: 45-70, Income: 200K+, Net Worth 500K+

  • Small Business Owners: 1-50 employee size (or your selection)  

  • Young Investor Prospects w/children: Stock, Bond, Mutual funds-Age: 35-49, Income: 100K+ with children in the household

  • BFS Business Leads: Top Decision Makers- Sales Volume: 5-50 Million

  • Mid-Upper Management: VP’s Only, Sales Vol. 2-40 Million, Omit: all marginal firms (Excellent day call)

  • Professionals @ Their Business: Doctors, Lawyers, CPA’s. Nurses & etc.

  • Wealth Market Prospects: Income: 200K+, Estimated Net Worth of 1.2 Million+

  • Ethnic Prospects: Age & Income criteria available to target affinity markets

  • Doctors at Home: Age; 35-65, Income: 100K+

  • Fixed or Variable Annuity Investors

  • Long Term Care Profile

  • 529 Plan - Young Married Families With Children

  • Roth IRA Profile

  • Medicare Supplement Profile

  • New Homeowners: Complete mortgage data available

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