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List Distributions


Receive your list how and when you need it.

With our distributions programs, marketing can be tailored to you.  Purchase a larger quantity of leads, then receive them in parts. Each part will be pulled from our database at the time of your request. This way you will always receive the freshest leads available at the best price.

Review this page for our most popular distribution methods.


Now & Then

Split your list in two, receive half of the list at purchase, then receive the other half when you are ready for it.


Set up a geographical area and demographic criteria set and then receive the latest entries for that area on the time period you have selected.


Note: There is a 1,000 record minimum for mortgage leads per period.

When you are ready for leads just call us and we will pull from your bank. Each pull has a minimum of 500 leads. You can request as many as you like above that up to your bank balance.

Custom Bank

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