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Marketing Lists

Investment Chart
Investor Profiles


Whether you are a financial representative with a major wire-house, regional broker-dealer or an independent firm, Integrated Systems has a variety of targeted investor files that will help you generate activity and ultimately write more business. Following are several of the most requested custom databases used for telephone solicitation and/or direct mail campaigns. Click here.


Buying a House
Finance/Mortgage Databases


With an ever changing market and fluctuating interest rates, the opportunity to meet the financial needs of consumers remains attractive.  Integrated Systems has a variety of custom designed, target market databases to help put you in touch with the right candidate.  We can help you reach the target markets for: Refinancing, Home Equity Loans, Debt Consolidation, Credit Card Offers, and Other Types of Programs. Click here.

Leasing a Home
Consumer/Homeowner File


The Integrated Systems consumer file contains information on more than 200 million households across the United States. The foundation of this file is composed of data from telephone directories. Data from the motor vehicle file is then merged. Courthouse data is used to provide valuable information on home ownership and length of residency. Additional data is overlaid onto the file from: Birth Records, Voter Registrations, Direct Mail Responders, Internet Data Searches. Magazine, Book & Merchandise Buyers, E-Commerce Buyers

The most recent census data on education, age, housing, income, occupation and ethnic origin is incorporated into the file. You receive a precisely tailored, accurate household list.

Click here.

Business Brainstorm
Business To Business


If your target market is businesses, Integrated Systems has an extensive database to help you reach the appropriate decision maker. Integrated business file contains information on 50 million companies located across the United States and 100 million international. The data is telephone verified to provide the most accurate business information available.  Click here.

Medical Consultation
Insurance Target Markets


Integrated Systems has developed many successful target market databases that help insurance agents to develop a high level of activity and ultimately write more business. These files are custom designed using investor models and are proven to be effective for prospecting. Following are the most requested databases used for telephone solicitation and/or direct mail campaigns. Click here.


Stock Market Graph
Mutual Fund & Annuity Databases


Over the past several years the amount of money flowing into mutual funds and annuities has increased dramatically. If your intent is to take advantage of this profitable market, Integrated Systems has a variety of targeted mutual fund and annuity investor prospects. Using a blend of different criteria, the prospects are suitable for growth, fixed income or tax-free mutual funds as well as annuities. Some of the most requested mutual fund and annuity investor leads. Click here.


Graduation Handshake
Recruiting Databases


In an effort to accommodate an ever changing market place, Integrated Systems offers a variety of databases for recruiting purposes. Whether the intent is to start up a new insurance agency or bring in additional producers to an existing brokerage firm, Integrated Systems' targeted recruiting databases will help to get your offer to the right individuals. Some of the most requested files. Click here.


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