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Finance/Mortgage/MCA Databases

With an ever changing market and fluctuating interest rates, the opportunity to meet the financial needs of consumers remains attractive. Integrated Systems has a variety of custom designed, target market databases to help put you in touch with the right candidate. We can help you reach the target markets for: 


Debt Consolidation

Home Equity Loans

Credit Card Offers

Merchant Cash Advance


New 2023 Email and/or Cell Phones Available on 75% of Records

Home Equity Debt Consolidation Prospects

Homeowners with High Interest Rates

Homeowners for Straight Refinancing or FHA Title 1

Reverse Mortgage Prospects

Seller Carryback and Non-Seller Carryback Mortgage Prospects

Homeowners with Adjustable, FHA or VA Mortgages

Pre-Move Homeowners

Problem Credit (bankruptcies, judgements, tax liens)

MCA Target Businesses by Specific Industry/Sales Volume

Consumers with Credit Card Debt 5+ Trade Lines

Consumers with Good Credit Estimated FICO 620+

Jumbo Mortgage Homeowners

Home Equity Debt Consolidation Prospects: This file targets the home owner and is overlaid with length of residency, age, income, major credit cards, trade lines, loans, and other enhancements

Many targeted databases can be adjusted from their original model (i.e. purchase prices, dates and minimum mortgage amounts, LTV's) to meet specific needs and requests.

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