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Investor Profiles

Whether you are a financial representative with a major wire-house, regional broker-dealer or an independent firm, Integrated Systems a variety of targeted investor files that will help you generate activity and ultimately write more business.  Following are several of the most requested custom databases used for telephone solicitation and/or direct mail campaigns.

New 2023 Email and/or Cell Phones Available on 75% of Records

Affluent Seniors

Accredited Fixed Income Investors

Money in Motion/Rollover/Investor Prospects

Consults/Managed Money Prospects

Female Investors

Young Investor Prospects with Children

Wealth Market Prospects

Ethnic Prospects

Doctors at Home

Female-Single, Widowed or Divorced

Fixed or Variable Annuity Investors

College Savings 529 Plan-Young Married Families with Children

New Homeowners

These files are custom designed using investor models and are proven to be effective for prospecting.  Certain alterations may be done to meet specific requests.

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