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List Specialists & Advisors

To assist our clients in identifying new prospects and maximizing their sales productivity by providing the highest quality leads, offering competitive prices and impeccable service throughout the process.


In the present day -- we are able to maximize contacts to potential customers targeting CELL PHONES, PERSONAL EMAILS, AND BUSINESS EMAILSThese data points will enable our customers to open more accounts and generate additional business from our target lists and leads. 


Outdated shotgun approaches to finding new customers waste valuable time and money. Successful salespeople are using targeted list campaigns to identify potential customers. This technique is based on one simple principle -- tailor the message and program to the intended audience. Integrated Systems provides accurate, targeted prospect lists. In doing so, we reduce selling costs, improve marketing efficiency and increase productivity.

Marketing Lists

In defining your clientele, every salesperson and marketer knows the basic "profile" of their customers. Our sales representatives are trained to help you identify the targeted audience you want to reach based on our unique profiling formulas.


Individual industries require different approaches to marketing. Integrated Systems has designed specific solutions tailored to each industry and can be

fine-tuned to your individual needs.

Integrated Systems can assist you in running a successful business development campaign using our targeted prospect lists, keen insight and knowledge of your industry. 

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